Current Projects


There are approximately 33,000 wild mustangs in the United States.  Recently, these horses have been in danger of being culled (humanely euthanized) by the Bureau of Land Management, as they believe that this is necessary for the land. Others argue that this is an extremely inhumane and unnecessary act. 

We are making an immersive, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring documentary on this subject. Interviewing everyone from ranchers, to BLM employees, to Plains Native Americans; to whom these horses are a symbol of tradition.

Currently, we need as much help as possible funding this film. With your donation, you bring us one step closer to conservation through education; as this documentary will be a powerful informative documentary that educates the public on something that is happening right on their doorstep. 

This film was completed in 2018, and is continuing its festival circuit currently.

Check out the Trailer below!